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Start doing, to do good. 

ESG is of paramount importance for law firms and their clients alike — not forgetting the environments and communities that ESG actions enhance and protect. Demand for ESG expertise is already apace. Whether you want us to curate a bespoke programme or prefer to invest in one of our standalone products, we will help to embed ESG into the fabric of your law firm.

‍Each of our ESG programmes is bespoke toan individual firm: its ambitions, actions, people, clients, and values. Wetailor each one to ensure that your ESG journey is clearly charted, relevantand actionable. There are three main elements of every ESG programme. Each element is vital to unifying your actions and multiplying your positive impacts.

We work with you to shape the strategy, actions, and communications, every step of the way.

Analyse & Commit

Metrics — People — Clients

We lay a clear foundation for your onward progress. Benchmarking your current performance, attitudes, and motivations with an audit of your:

  • Energy use
  • Travel
  • Workplace environments
  • Equity, Diversity & Inclusion initiatives
  • Client and pro bono work

By capturing key metrics, we then recommend the right standards, certifications, and programme for you.  

We talk with your people to discover what engages them and differentiates your firm. Our firm-wide, quantitative surveys will encapsulate motivations and opinions from across different levels, while one-to-one interviews with key figures will provide an in-depth insight.

Clients seeking legal counsel, especially those seeking ESG advice, will value firms with demonstrable sustainability and ESG credentials. We capture what clients value and what they are looking for in the firms they work with — this embeds clients into your firm and giving you clarity on building your brand and reputation in a highly competitive sector.

Start your Audit

Plan & Act

Roadmap — Design — Action

Our roadmaps generate change through establishing a clear plan and set of deliverables that are ambitious yet achievable. Alongside the setup of an environmental management system, our roadmap design could include:

  • Operational and organisational changes
  • New roles and structures
  • Establishing internal networks
  • Incentivisation programmes
  • Policies and procedures
  • Achieving appropriate certifications and standards

Not forgetting how to engage your people, and clear guidance for reporting impact and effectiveness.  

We can brief your internal teams on how to put this plan into action, or we can be with you throughout the initial stages of the journey: preparing your roadmap, researching partnerships for your targeted pro bono programme, establishing internal networks, drafting your policies and more.

Map your journey

Communicate & Engage

Internal — External

To create a culture of sustainability – within focus groups, firms, and the industry at large – you need to communicate your experiences. We use our expertise in law firm communications to engage your internal and external stakeholders, from future talent to new clients.  

We prepare a comprehensive communication and engagement programme and execute it.  

Internal communications create engagement with your people. Through firm-wide campaigns that share successes and areas for improvement, we help to motivate your teams, so they are fully involved.  

External communications deepen your reputation with clients, peers, and client sectors. Whether leveraging your ESG experience in thought leadership pieces, pitch decks, or other communications, we help to build your brand as an ESG leader – with the action to prove it.

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Standalone products

We offer a range of individual products that complement your existing ESG programme.

Targeted pro bono programme

Pro bono work has long been a key staple of firms’ and Partners’ charitable works. Yet, for many, it's organised by individuals or small groups of siloed lawyers. A targeted pro bono programme seeks to create positive impacts aligned to your clients’ sectors and your firm’s own goals and objectives, while maximising the impact you create, together.

Science-based targets for nature

While science-based targets for climate are increasingly adopted, science-based targets for nature are less established. With biodiversity and nature loss a key concern, this framework provides an opportunity for law firms to innovate and lead this important addition to any ESG programme.

Light-touch audit

Perhaps you would like an objective view of your ESG programme, or you are scoping out your first steps. Giving a broad overview of your ESG development, we review your CSR / sustainability / ESG reports, analyse your legal directory submissions, research your published materials, and interview key people in your practice. You receive an overview of suggested target actions and topics for further discussion.

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